I am migrating from bgill.eu to bjgill.net - both this website and my e-mail. Please update any bookmarks/address book entries by the end of March 2019.

I used to host this website from bgill.eu, the domain that I own that I also use for my e-mail. I quite liked the domain - it was nicely optimised for length whilst still being meaningful. Alas - Bulgaria blocked any registration attempts for the even shorter bg.eu.

Unfortunately, earlier this year, the European Commission announced that UK citizens would no longer be eligible to register .eu domains after Brexit came into force. Any such pre-existing registrations could not be renewed. Moreover, the EC could ask EURid to terminate registrations from UK citizens. Modulo the withdrawl agreement and any transitional arrangements, this could come into force as early as March 30th.

Given the importance of my e-mail address, I have therefore started to pre-emtively migrate away from bgill.eu. My new domain is bjgill.net. I have now finished migrating things from my end - this website has moved. Additionally, if you previously sent e-mail to something@bgill.eu, you should now send that e-mail to something@bjgill.net (replacing ‘something’ with whatever e-mail prefex you were previously using).

I will continue to maintain bgill.eu for as long as I can.