I was a trans child once, though I did not know it. The legacy of Section 28 was that I did not find out who I was at school. It was only a couple of years ago that I found out more about the trans experience and felt a growing sense of recognition. The time since I came out publicly has been the most joyful of my life, by a huge margin. My only regret is not having been able to do this sooner.

This is why attacks on trans children and their rights are so abhorrent to me, and so personal. I mourn for the decades of trans joy that this government’s new Section 28 will steal from trans children. I am angry that the flawed Cass Review has been used to strip trans children of the ability to make choices about their healthcare and access gender-affirming care. And I fear that the next government may be no better than the current one for trans people.

But I also have hope. We have justice on our side, and international human rights law. We have many determined allies who are standing by us and standing up for us. I believe it will not be long before we have multiple trans MPs who will stand up for trans rights in Parliament. And we are increasingly speaking up and organising for our rights.

Today I went to the protest in Waterloo organised by the “trans kids deserve better” network. I fully support their demands: access to gender affirming healthcare for trans children and young people, protection from discrimination and disrespect in their daily lives and the right to be heard in all decisions that affect them. Speaking with them has only bolstered my hope that we will build a fairer future for trans children together.

You can sign up to support their work and also donate.

Love and rage.