Theatre I’ve been involved in

  • Sunshine on Leith; May 2023; Bridewell Theatre; LX op for the second week: not quite to my taste, but well done. I liked the way the chorus was lit in Letter from America.
  • Hunchback of Notre Dame; April 2023; London Oratory Theatre; followspot op: a really excellent production. First show appearing as myself. The bells!

Theatre I’ve watched

  • A Strange Loop; September 2023; Barbican Theatre: quite incredible. The lighting designer was having a lot of fun.
  • The Dead City; April 2023; London Coliseum: weird and surprising, but I enjoyed it. Some good lighting to contrast the inside with the dead city outside.
  • Witness for the Prosecution; March 2023; London Guildhall
  • The Effect; March 2023; Bridewell Theatre
  • Akhnaten; March 2023; London Coliseum: impressive, but I struggled to discern a narrative or empathise with any of the characters
  • The Rhinegold; March 2023; London Coliseum: arguably the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Wotan as mob boss. A wonderful final scene as the gods flee to the bunker of Valhalla, where they slam down the shutters to escape the voices of the Rhinemaidens.
  • Carmen; February 2023; London Coliseum